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To avoid confusion ,we do Not sell premade Amazon accounts. This is a Amazon seller account setup service. All stores are set up in real time under the consent and real details of owners.

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General Information:
This section is only meant to educate the public and protect against false information. The details in this section does not represent our service details or business model.

Why setup an Amazon Account with Auction Sentinel?

Our team members who run Auction Sentinel have been operating in e-commerce for 15 years. Setting up an Amazon Seller store can be over whelming for new applicants. Amazon is very particular in how they like the applications to be filed. One mistake can lead to your application being declined. With Amazons Seller verification being multi layered it can take from 2-3 weeks to get a store fully verified. As a new seller this is a process you would probably like to get done correct the first time as Amazon may not give you a second chance.

General Knowledge

Auction Sentinel is known as the most knowledgeable information center online for Sellers on both Amazon and Ebay. Every single system update and new policy Amazon Seller central  has ever launched over the last 15 years Sentinel has been the first to find the solutions so that sellers could stay in business. Especially with amazons ridiculous Seller sign up requirements you're seeing now. Auction Sentinel still provides guaranteed working solutions to aid suspended sellers. It does not matter what Amazon throws at us ,Sentinel will always have solutions for your store.



Lets start by talking about what a seller account is. Amazon has policies restricting sellers to only one Amazon seller account per household. Under certain circumstances can you request permission to have a second, most cases they will decline that request. A way around this is by creating seller accounts which simply means accounts that amazons system cant connect/link to your others. This is done by using different information per each seller account and operating them from different computer setups and never co-mingling your account logins. However this process is getting more difficult for sellers due to amazons new verification processes.


How does Auction Sentinel help you setup  seller stores?

We allow you the client to choose the information needed to make the account .Amazon has a multi layered Identity verification process, it'll require that you use your real details.  We understand that our system may take a few days additional than the instant account suppliers. However ,you will be able to sleep at night knowing your amazon account isn't running on some unknown identity. Sentinel is looking out for those who have concerns on these issues.

What does buy seller accounts the "Legit Way" mean?

Since 2017 Amazon has added more verification requirements to register new seller accounts. They require government documentation, proof of address, Social Security numbers if you're a US resident, Video verification, and address verification. There is no way to get around having to provide those documents. Nobody is questioning amazon stealth account farmers online when they sell you a account already pre verified. The questions you should be asking is where/who did the information used come from. There are a lot of stealth account sellers using stolen information to pass through the Amazon verification ,then they sell them too you for thousands. Even if you were to change the information after purchase, Amazon still has all of the verified documents that were used in their system. Most of these stealth account sellers are from unknown countries where it wouldn't effect them if caught. But guess who it does effect if caught? It effects you the buyer. You are the one who has to add a bank account to these accounts. Identity theft mixed with money motives is a felony. Why take the risk if there's a more legit way of creating a stealth account?

Should I purchase from an aged account Broker website?

The purchase of an aged Amazon Seller account is one the biggest waste of investments of eCommerce history.

1. Aged accounts will not give any leverage in Amazon Drop shipping, I have spoken to                 many seasoned sellers ,who bought these accounts and still become suspended.

2.Aged Accounts are being sold for far over priced by websites. I've seen them priced         between 5k all the way to 20k. 

3. Some of those accounts are hacked and stolen. You maybe committing fraud by purchasing them and changing the info. If you are going to buy Aged amazon seller Accounts ,I would advised you demand to ID the person whose name on the account before you finalise the sale.

4. The business of Aged amazon stores is drying out. Automation Companies have purchased a lot of them in bulk making it hard for the average seller to find them at decent cost. In the next few years these brokers will no longer exists. Its important now that you learn how to make your own accounts.

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