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ETSY Stealth Account Setup Service

"Were you suspended from Etsy? We are here to help you create new accounts the legal way! "

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Click the file below to Download the Auction Sentinel 2021 Guide for managing Etsy seller accounts , Its Free! 

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How to Purchase an Etsy Seller account setup service?

Just message us! We are on Live chat Mon to Fri 11 am -8 pm Eastern time everyday. We are not bots ,we are real people located out of Boston Ma, USA. If you would like to buy Etsy seller account packages or have questions regarding the purchase then we will gladly respond back in real time.

What payment methods?

Western Union

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Why buy an Etsy seller account from Auction Sentinel?

Auction Sentinel has been a staple for third party sellers going on 15 years. We help with things such as account creation ,appeals ,product sourcing and general coaching. We own top rated software's approved on the google chrome store. Our Etsy account service and quality is no different from every other service we do. We are experts in creating and growing stores on Etsy!  

What makes our Etsy seller accounts different from other  vendors ?

To be straight to the point, we create your Esty stealth accounts legally and other vendors do not! 

Etsy requires government documents to verify all new accounts, just like many other third party seller platforms in recent times. Many other vendors who create  Etsy accounts premade have used fraudulent or stolen information to pass the verification process. It is you who they sell the account too who takes the risk by starting a store from it and adding your bank account. Even if you were to change the details once the account is received it does not change the fact that the account was originally made under someone else's government ID. Them details stay into Etsy system forever. Adding your real details after only makes it easier for the Feds to find you for Identity fraud.

So how does Auction Sentinel create stealth accounts differently?

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