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Sentinel Assassins 
Dropshipping: Product Research Services

All False Gurus Fear Us!


Gain Access to the #1 Team of Drop Shipping Product Researchers in the world! Putting down 1 fake Guru at a time.

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Who are the Sentinel Assassins ?


Sentinel Assassins are the fastest team of product researchers in the world for  Drop shippers. It can take months and in some cases years to source all the right products to build your Amazon store. Our team likes to call them "Guru Assassinators". Why? We all get advertisements from those online guys claiming to have the best system for generating "Passive Wealth "with amazon retail arbitrage. Sentinel is just as irritated of those individuals as you. Our secret team of  drop shipping product researchers gets rid of the necessity of so called gurus and puts the power in your hands. We do this by building you a unique and profitable store with in record time. The Sentinel Assassins will handle the product research while you run your own store.

What are "Clean Products"?

To be successful at drop shipping on amazon, you need to have a system for product sourcing. Clean products are filtered from FBA, Prime, and Amazon sold items with the buy box capability. This is the most crucial detail and something the false gurus will never tell you. This is also why you may see many suspensions related to drop shipping on Amazon. Amazon has changed, and you need to keep up! Many new sellers are listing high-risk products and have the nerve to complain and tell everyone that Drop shipping doesn't work anymore. You have to source products that have the least risk of suspension and give you solid margins; this is what is known as a "Clean Product" or "Winning Product." Most false gurus online outsource this tedious work. Because the only way to do it before Sentinel Assassins was by manually searching through results and comparing product details to results on search engines. This process can take months and maybe years to find all the right products that can be drop-shipped without putting your account at risk. This is also why many people are just going for automation services.



What is the purpose of Sentinel Assassins?

Sentinel Solutions believes Amazon Automation has been shoved down many throats in recent years. Automation programs are fantastic if necessary, but they are more expensive, and not to mention it requires the company who is running it to take equity from your monthly sales. To some people, that may be ok. Maybe you have other successful businesses that you run daily and can not be hands-on with an Amazon shop. However, if you are willing and capable to run your store day to day by yourself, then Automation may not be for you. Your only issue may be that you're not trained in product research. You may not know what products to sell that are safe to list but also have good profit margins. That doesn't mean you need to spend 20-30k on automation and give up a percentage of ownership. Hire the Sentinel Assassins to find you the products and run your store at full ownership.

If you choose to do automation eventually then


Do not allow internet gurus to tempt you into automation if you have other cheaper options to try out first.


Which Amazon sellers should reach out to the Sentinel Assassins?

The Sentinel Assassins are assembled to aid any Amazon Seller. We are here to bridge the gap between you and the veteran sellers who try to keep the drop shipping industry all to themselves. This service is for sellers who are not ready to join an automation service and still want hands-on owners. The Sentinel Assassins simplify a very complex product sourcing process that the professionals usually prefer to keep secret. If you've just made a new Amazon seller account and you want to begin drop shipping in the safest way possible, then you will like our help. Finding clean products is the real key to not getting your account suspended as a drop shipper. The second key to drop shipping successfully on Amazon is building up the performance score as fast as possible. You do this through Amazon's seller feedback system, also known as the ODR, aka Order defect rate system. The more feedback your consistently get from your buyers, the less Amazon gives you policy violations. The problem is that the amount of feedback Amazon requires you to reach for their Feedback to Sales ratio consistently is almost an impossible expectation. Buyers don't like to leave positive feedback often. To scale up your Amazon sales fast and avoid policy flags, you need this. Fortunately, Auction Sentinel has a solution for this situation which can be found


Sentinel Demo

  • How does the feedback service work?
    Our feedback service is straightforward; you are simply listing a product on Amazon or eBay and we are safely making the purchases from our accounts. After a few days, we will slowly drip the feedback onto your account until the project is complete. For more information on how to purchase and how to handle tracking information, please get in touch with a customer service agent on our live chat Mon-Fri 11 pm to 8 pm.
  • I own many amazon stores. Can I split the amazon feedback?
    Yes, you can split feedback packages into multiple stores. However, we only allow specific amounts of stores per package.
  • How many feedback can I purchase?
    There is no limit to how much feedback you can purchase for your account.
  • Will Amazon flag my account for using this service?
    No, we have been operating the Feedback service for 10+ years safely for hundreds of different Amazon stores and never had any issue with an account receiving notifications of any kind.
  • Is the a expiration date for this service?
    All packages are designed to be completed within under two months, Max. We allow clients to stretch all packages up to 5 months to space out their feedback. If you go absent after purchasing and exceed the five-month limit, we will mark the account as complete with no refund.

Sentinel Assassins Features

Put the power of Drop shipping in your owns hands and remove the fake E-com gurus from the internet!

  • Gain access to the fastest team of Amazon product researchers in the world

  • 30 Winning Amazon dropshipping products in a 4 months time period

  • 1 time cost of $5k

  • Unlimited Support

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