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What is Amazon Feedback?

General Information:
Why do you need Amazon Feedback?

 Amazon/eBay shoppers rarely leave feedback.Only in cases where they are displeased. One buyer out of every ten sales will leave you feedback willingly.This does not mean it will be positive feedback.

Did you know that most issues related to selling on Amazon are due to not receiving enough feedback regularly? A prime example most sellers can relate to is the infamous Invoice suspension. Are you a drop shipper who can not, for the love of God, stop your accounts from being suspended due to invoice requests? Well, here's the real solution. Amazon does not hassle sellers for those once your pass a specific feedback rating on your account. Many people are assuming the only way to do dropshipping in 2022 is by purchasing aged accounts. NOPE! The truth is you only need a 3-4-month-old account with at least 100-150 feedback. After you pass this threshold, amazon will not suspend you for invoice requests. If you must prove authenticity for a specific asin, Amazon will only stop the singular asin, Not the whole account.


How in the world are you going to get 100-150 positive feedback in your amazon stores when only 1 out of every ten buyers will leave it? Well, that's why the Sentinel Brand exists. 

Is there a difference between Amazon Seller Feedback and Product reviews?

Yes ,there is a very distinctive difference between feedback and product reviews.

Feedback is a backend feature for sellers which helps maintain the overall performance score of the selling account. Sellers need feedback to avoid suspensions and account holds. Amazons policys make it extremely difficult for sellers to recieve feedback. The odds of new sellers receiving feedback from buyers is 2-4 out of 100 sales. However amazons expectations is to recieve 2-4 feedback out of every 10 sales and this is with no training material at all from amazon. Experienced sellers know that these are nearly impossible standards. From our experience speaking with new sellers, most were never told what feedback is due to lack of information provided.

On the other hand product reviews are a front end feature for Amazon Consumers. These reveiws are not specific to the seller accounts but instead aid buyers in quality of individual products. Auction Sentinel does not believe in the minipulation of product reveiws and we have never engaged in the sales of product reveiws. It is not our goal to trick consumners. Our goal with feedback was to help protect new sellers from aged sellers.Many older amazon sellers are bullies to new amazon seller stores. They do not like new competition and many times engage in sabatoge tactics to take out new stores that arise in their lane. This happens on most third party selling platforms. Aged sellers know that amazon is very cut throat towards new sellers and it is very easy to get their accounts shut down. Here are a few tactics aged sellers use against newer sellers.

1. Buy products using false buyer accounts from new sellers and leave  fake negative feedbacks.

(aged sellers know that negative feedbacks on new accounts is a sure way to remove comeptition)

2. Buy products using false buyer accounts from new sellers and leave intellectual property complaints.

(Aged sellers know that making an IP complaint on a new seller account is death to that store)


 Our feedback service was not made to give sellers an advatage over consumers,it was created to give new sellers a fighting chance against the big fish eats small fish market place that Amazon really is.

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